Fibonacci Forex Trading Strategy (FREE EA)

fibonacci trading strategy

What is The Fibonacci Sequence in Forex? A natural sequence that occurs in nature. “The golden ratio is about 1.618, and represented by the Greek letter phi, study of the relationships between numbers, quantities, shapes, and spaces. relationship between numbers or numerical values.” Click here for more info on Fibo on the web. Some traders … Read more

Trendline Break Trading Strategy (FREE EA Included)

trendline break trading strategy

How to Draw a Trend Line? Some people would draw it on wicks while others on the bodies. The angles can also vary, depending on your own perspective. I will show you a tool that can help you draw your trend lines, if you need some guidance. I use a 7 candle period Fractals (free … Read more

Trading With A Parabolic SAR Strategy (Free EA included)

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How to Use Parabolic SAR in Trading Many indicators are provided by default on Metatrader and the Parabolic SAR is one of them. In case you don’t know, SAR stands for stop and reverse. It’s used by technical traders to spot trends and reversals. My weakness as a trader has always been that I tend … Read more

How To Create An Infallible Forex Trading System

featured image of how to create an infallible trading system

How To Create An Infallible Forex Trading System When it comes to trading, most traders started their journey in search for the “perfect” system and the best forex trading strategies, only in a matter of time will they find out, that they are the creator of such a system. I know it sounds cliche but … Read more

What Is Price Action Forex Trading?

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WHAT IS PRICE ACTION FOREX TRADING? A typical trader would start his quest in looking for the best trading system out there, and may have come across this term at some point in their search. Forex price action, scalping, fibonacci systems, news trading, harmonic patterns, grids and martingale systems, trend line break’s just some … Read more

Divergence Day Trading Strategies

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WHAT IS DIVERGENCE FOREX TRADING? It’s when data from price and indicators diverge. When price goes up and makes a higher high, we expect the indicator to do the same, make higher highs. If the indicator fails to make a new high and makes a lower high instead, it has diverged from price. We use … Read more